Thermodynamics Lab

CES Group Thermodynamics LaboratoryWe are constantly on the lookout for new technologies that better serve the requirements of our engineers, contractors and building owners. In support of this mission, Nortek Air Solutions has built one of the most sophisticated facilities of its kind for psychrometric testing in the HVAC industry. The laboratory allows our design engineers to quickly and rigorously evaluate new technologies before we incorporate these improvements into our final designs, so that we may provide industry leading solutions with proven performance.

The lab allows Venmar CES to fully develop new technologies as part of our R&D program, and produce air-to-air energy recovery systems that would otherwise be unachievable—developing new technologies, meeting an impossibly small footprint, delivering extremely low sound or meeting extremely high operating efficiencies.

The thermodynamics laboratory offers tremendous capabilities including a 12,000 ft2 open laboratory area, several ambient psychrometric test chambers with automated testing capabilities (for units ranging in size from one half-ton all the way up to 150-tons), and air, water and power measurement conditioning in each testing chamber.

AHRI Certified Standard 1060
ETL Listed - Canada/US
AMCA Member