Sound & Airflow Test Lab

CES Group Sound LaboratorySound is an extremely important criterion in any HVAC system and Venmar CES is committed to providing our customers with this benefit in all of the Dedicated Outdoor Air Solutions® that we provide. The Nortek Air Solutions sound lab is one of the largest, fully equipped, dual-reverberant chamber HVAC testing facility of its kind.

The lab provides a wide range of unique services to our customers and suppliers, including acoustical modeling, comprehensive production testing and robust performance and diagnostic analysis. It also serves as a site for rigorous, ongoing research and development testing and modeling, as well as a place for customer witnessed testing of airflow, thermal, vibration and acoustic performance.

The sound lab is designed and equipped to perform simultaneous testing in accordance with AMCA Standard 300 for sound power levels, and AMCA Standard 210 for airflow performance. Since the lab first earned AMCA accreditation, Nortek Air Solutions has worked to continually increase the lab’s capabilities. This commitment to continued growth has allowed for testing units in accordance with other standards and requirements, such as AHRI 260 testing, additional acoustical testing methods, thermal testing, vibration testing and cabinet leakage testing.

AHRI Certified Standard 1060
ETL Listed - Canada/US
AMCA Member