We at Venmar CES take quality extremely seriously. We manufacture to very tight tolerances, participate and certify our components and equipment with the requisite standards and ratings bodies, and partner with the best suppliers in the industry. All of our equipment is ETL listed and labeled and all of our energy recovery equipment is certified to AHRI Standard 1060. In addition, all of our equipment is rigorously tested prior to checkout and shipment.

We also offer our customers the ability to witness test our equipment at the factory, or optionally perform sound and airflow testing at our AMCA certified laboratory for assured acoustical performance. Additionally, we have a complete thermodynamics testing laboratory used to evaluate and test new components to deploy in our equipment, or to evaluate complex and difficult designs to meet the needs of particularly difficult and unique applications.

Venmar CES has a long tradition of following a demand-driven manufacturing model to deliver quality products in a timely and efficient manner. However, we wish to maximize the value that we provide our customers not only on a manufacturing level, but across our entire organization. To that end, Venmar CES is embracing Lean principles and seeks to become a Lean Enterprise and be recognized for its World Class manufacturing techniques in the HVAC industry.

By undergoing this transformation, we will eliminate waste, better capture and be able to act on our spirit of continuous improvement, further improve our quality and efficiency, and ultimately deliver more value to all of our customers.

For more information on our energy recovery products, please contact your local Venmar CES representative.

AHRI Certified Standard 1060
ETL Listed - Canada/US
AMCA Member