VHC (up to 5,500 CFM)

VHC-36, VHC-42, VHC-50

ERV with Heating & Cooling - VHC-50The Venmar CES VHC series is a light commercial product offering with a full list of custom options that make it the most cost-effective 100% OA constant supply air volume DOAS system between 800 and 5,500 cfm. The cabinet is constructed of 2-inch double wall prepainted or galvanized steel with your choice of fibreglass or rigid foam insulation. Depending on your climate, a variety of frost control options are available from recirculation, exhaust only, electric pre-heat or VFD/VSD on the wheel. The energy recovery wheel is a high performance enthalpy wheel, certified to AHRI Standard 1060, that can be custom selected from three different performance levels to meet a variety of price or performance targets.

The VHC can include optional high efficiency filters in addition to high performance plenum fans (in the larger sizes). The units themselves can be configured with a variety of post conditioning technologies such as:

  • Non-integrated, or integrated air cooled or water source heat pump packages
  • Electric, hot water, hot gas re-heat, steam, indirect gas-fired optional post heating available
  • Chilled water, split direct expansion (DX) optional post conditioning available

Energy Efficient Design

All components are selected to optimize efficiency, to conserve energy and significantly reduce operating costs. The combination of the most salient energy saving features, the VHC offers one of the highest combined efficiencies or application EERs available on the market when compared to other more traditional 100% outdoor air systems.

  • Optimized energy Recovery Efficiency Ratio (RER) on enthalpy energy recovery wheel with minimum pressure drop and maximum performance
  • Minimum Outdoor Air Correction Factor (OACF) with high pressure energy recovery seal to reduce (or in some cases eliminate) unwanted additional outdoor air
  • Microchannel heat exchanger condenser coils for maximum efficiency in a compact lightweight package
  • Optional digital scroll lead compressor provides superior part load operation (10% to 100% modulation) and eliminates the need for hot gas bypass
  • Waterside Economizer (WiSE) for free cooling and heating capabilities when available
Unit Model
Unit Dimensions (L x W x H)
800–2,500 CFM [378–1,180 l/s]
171" x 55" x 54" [4,343 x 1,397 x 1,372 mm]
1,500–3,500 CFM [708–1,652 l/s]
179" x 63" x 60" [4,547 x 1,600 x 1,524 mm]
2,500–5,500 CFM [1,180–2,596 l/s]
191" x 74" x 68" [4,851 x 1,880 x 1,727 mm]