Semi-custom ERV with Heating & Cooling

VHC Series: Energy Recovery Ventilators with Enthalpy Wheels and Integrated Heating and Cooling

Venmar CES VHC units are semi-custom, constant supply air volume, 100% outdoor air systems that feature a high performance, AHRI Certified enthalpy wheel. These ventilators with heating and cooling are extremely flexible and provide a custom-level of configurability wrapped in a cost-effective light commercial package.

The VHC can be configured without any form of post conditioning, allowing them to operate as an ERV, albeit an ERV with some high end features and functions not typically found in most other standard energy recovery ventilators.

However, when the ERV is coupled with a wide range of non-integrated post conditioning options or with an integrated, packaged direct expansion system (ERV+DX), a truly powerful, hyper-efficient Dedicated Outdoor Air System (DOAS) emerges as a viable rooftop replacement for 100% OA applications.

All of the standard non-integrated heating and cooling options are present (including indirect fired gas) and some extremely innovative integrated packages are available for air cooled DX, water source heat pump (WSHP), ground source heat pump (GSHP) and packaged DDC controls to provide a variety of semi-custom, Dedicated Outdoor Air Solutions® with extremely high combined efficiencies.

Unit Model CFM  Location 
VHC-36 800–2,500   Outdoor/Indoor 
VHC-42 1,500–3,500  Outdoor/Indoor 
VHC-50 2,500–5,500  Outdoor/Indoor 

VHC-72: Semi-custom Energy Recovery Ventilation with Heating and Cooling

The Venmar CES VHC-72 is also a semi-custom, constant supply air volume, 100% outdoor air system, but presents an evolution to the basic series which explores the limits of customizability that can be achieved in a light commercial package.

The extensive list of standard options for the VHC series is present, but the unit is available in higher capacities. Furthermore, the VHC-72 features a double wall no-through-metal cabinet as standard, in addition to offering FANWALL TECHNOLOGY®, Venmar CES Controls, high pressure enthalpy wheel seals and an innovative Airside Economizer (AiSE), providing the ability to bypass not only the high performance AHRI Certified energy recovery wheel, but optionally bypass the entire post conditioning section entirely.

The ability to add up to MERV 17 filters on the supply air discharge of the unit also makes it the perfect solution for many healthcare applications.

Unit Model CFM  Location 
VHC-72 5,000–8,000 Outdoor/Indoor