EnergyPack® (1,000 to 300,000+ CFM)

Custom Dedicated Outdoor Air System - EnergyPackThe Venmar CES EnergyPack product line is a premium Dedicated Outdoor Air Solution designed for the commercial market. Featuring a nearly unlimited set of options and features, anything from a robust, variable aspect ratio cabinet to nearly any post conditioning heating or cooling technology (integrated or non-integrated) can be incorporated. At a glance the unit features:

  • 3-inch double wall, no-through-metal Integrated Thermal Break Framing™ (ITF) cabinet construction
  • Impermium™ air- and water-tight floor membrane eliminating the need for heavy, welded aluminum tread plate floors
  • Optional washdown construction with recessed floors, drains in every section and smooth interior finish (ideal for hospital and healthcare applications)
  • Optional phenolic coating on the interior of the unit, along with specialty coatings and materials for coils, energy recovery devices, wiring and appurtenances (ideal for waste water treatment plants, pool and natatorium applications, or corrosive seacoast environments)
  • Venmar CES DDC controls
  • Non-integrated, or integrated air cooled, water cooled or water source heat pump packages
  • Electric, hot water, hot gas re-heat, steam, indirect gas-fired optional heating available
  • Chilled water, split direct expansion (DX) optional post conditioning available

Flexible Design

At its core, the EnergyPack is flexible. Anything from a simple AHU heating and cooling combination to a complex DOAS with multiple energy recovery devices integrated WSHP/GSHP. Units are variable aspect in order to meet low profile, compact architectural requirements for new construction with limited roof space and can also be configured into a variety of non-traditional shapes to meet the high performance requirements of the most tightly restricted mechanical room.

Energy Efficient Design

The EnergyPack is the most efficient Dedicated Outdoor Air Solution available on the market with one of the highest combined efficiencies or application EERs. All components are selected to optimize efficiency, to conserve energy and significantly reduce operating costs. The energy recovery cores themselves are optimized to obtain the maximum energy Recovery Efficiency Ratio (RER) with minimum pressure drop and maximum performance.

  • High Performance AHRI 1060 certified enthalpy wheel, heat pipes, aluminum plates, polypropylene plate and heat and moisture (HM) membrane latent cores (in single or multiple heat exchanger combinations)
  • Minimum Outdoor Air Correction Factor (OACF) with high pressure energy recovery seal to reduce (or in some cases eliminate) unwanted additional outdoor air
  • Microchannel heat exchanger condenser coils for maximum efficiency in a compact lightweight package
  • Factory mounted VFDs as on the supply and exhaust fans with each unit to optimize fan energy consumption
  • Optional digital scroll lead compressor provides superior part load operation (10% to 100% modulation) and eliminates the need for hot gas bypass
  • Waterside Economizer (WiSE) for free cooling and heating capabilities when available
  • Optimized controls for trouble-free operation

Superior Comfort and Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ)

In addition to the integrated energy recovery ventilation that provides the most cost-effective way to introduce the maximum amount of outdoor air for dilution, the EnergyPack additionally offers a variety of other features and options to provide superior temperature and humidity control along quiet operation.

  • Standard double wall construction with no exposed insulation and optional direct drive fans to eliminate fiber erosion in the supply airstream
  • Thermally broken exterior panels, center partition, roof and base structure to maximize heat transfer and minimize the possibility of condensation on interior or exterior surfaces
  • IAQ sloped drain pans and materials to help prevent microbial growth and provide easily cleanable surfaces along with easy access for regular cleaning and maintenance
  • Quiet fan and compressor operation
  • Any form of filtration from standard MERV 8 filters to ULPA or gas phase filtration can be incorporated alone or in combination (ideal for museums or hospital and healthcare applications)