Full Custom DOAS

EnergyPack® Series: Energy Recovery Ventilators with Enthalpy Wheels, Flat Plate or Heat Pipe Heat Exchangers

The Venmar CES EnergyPack product family is engineered to exact customer specifications with nearly unlimited options for air movement (including FANWALL TECHNOLOGY®), filtration, air-to-air energy recovery, integrated or non-integrated post conditioning and Venmar CES DDC controls.

The majority of EnergyPack Dedicated Outdoor Air Solutions® are 100% OA and typically incorporate AHRI Certified enthalpy wheels, fixed plate heat exchangers, or heat pipes in single-HX or dual-HX configurations.

When configured as a DOAS, energy consumption is significantly reduced by decoupling the heating, cooling and dehumidification loads of the outdoor air from internal sensible heating and cooling loads of the space. The outdoor air is typically conditioned to deliver it to the space dry enough to offset any potential latent loads generated within that space (i.e. people, infiltration, etc.). In these instances a variety of different terminal systems are located in close proximity to heat or cool the indoor air to maintain space neutral conditions. Depending on the application and occupancy, the EnergyPack can be configured to deliver OA at neutral air conditions or in some cases left cold for additional energy savings gained by downsizing the terminal equipment.

Alternately, the EnergyPack can also be configured for a variety of high performance minimum outdoor air, air handling and non-energy recovery applications (either integrated or non-integrated).

Unit Model CFM Location
EnergyPack 1,000 to 300,000+ Outdoor/Indoor