AHU (up to 2,000 CFM)

Vertical Unit Ventilator - AHU2000wAHU2000w

Engineered to help building designers achieve the outdoor ventilation air required for indoor spaces, the Venmar CES AHU2000w packs a ton of performance into a small package. The AHU2000w comes in three cabinet sizes (1,200, 1,600 and 2,000 cfm) and offers optional hot water or steam heating, and chilled water or split system Dx cooling. The unit is easy to install, with no ductwork required (1,200 and 1,600 cfm cabinets only). The AHU2000w offers removable side panels for easy installation and piping. The large amount of options available enables the AHU2000w to meet a variety of application requirements.

Airflow  1,200–2,000 CFM [566–944 l/s]
Unit Dimensions (L x W x H)   39” x 33” x 85” [991 x 838 x 2,159 mm]
Download the AHU2000w Revit File AHU2000w Revit Family Parameters
AHU2000w Revit Family Parameters
AHU2000w Revit Family Parameters
Actual Steam Connection Flow 0.0 GPM
Airflow Type Choose airflow type
Airflow Type Option 0
CPVC Drain Connection Description NPT CPVC drain connection
CTRL ACR Filter Rack Length 4”
CTRL Drain Connection Knock-outs 3’ - 10-11/32”
CTRL Drain Connection Radius 3/8”
CTRL Pipe Knock-outs Bottom Row 4’ - 6-3/32”
CTRL Pipe Knock-outs Top Row 4’ - 9-15/32”
CTRL Primary Return Connection Offset from Center 0’
CTRL Secondary Return Connection Offset from Center 0’
CTRL Steam Knock-outs 3’ - 6-25/32”
CTRL Steam Pipe Radius 1”
CTRL Wallcurb Height 9’ - 5”
CTRL Wallcurb Offset 0’ - 6”
CTRL Warning Box Depth 5’ - 5-3/8”
CTRL Warning Box Width 3’ - 5”
Clearance Offset Front 3’ - 4”
Coil Face Area 4.80
Control Type Description Choose control type
Control Type Option 0
Cooling Choose cooling
Cooling Coil Row Count 4
Cooling Option 0
Copyright 2011 Venmar CES Inc.
Description Vertical Unit Ventilator
Electric Heat Capacity 0.0 kW
Electric Heat Current 8.70 A
Electrical Connection Description Electrical supply connection
Exhaust Fan Type Choose exhaust fan type
Exhaust Fan Type Option 0
Fan Motor Quantity 1
Fan Quantity 1
Filter Size and Quantity Choose filter size and quantity
Filter Size and Quantity Option 0
Frame Material Prepaint - Venmar CES - Enamel - Grey
Frequency 60 Hz
Full Load Current 6.30 A
Grille Material Metal - Venmar CES - Galvanized - Screen
Has Back Piping Connections Yes
Has Clearance Do not include clearance
Has Controls Yes
Has Cooling Yes
Has Ducted Plenum Yes
Has Exhaust Fan Yes
Has Filler Panel Yes
Has Heating Yes
Has Internal Disconnect Yes
Has Outside Air Damper Yes
Has Silencer Plenum Yes
Has Top Piping Connections No
Has Valves Yes
Has Wallcurb Yes
Heating Coil Row Count 0
Heating Type Choose heating type
Heating Type Option 0
Height 7’ - 6”
Internal Disconnect Choose internal disconnect
Internal Disconnect Option 0
Is Ducted Yes
Length 2’ - 9”
Manufacturer Venmar CES Inc.
Maximum Airflow 2,000 CFM
Minimum Airflow 1,200 CFM
Model AHU2000w
Motor Speed Description 2-speed
Motor Speed Option 1
Nominal Airflow 2,000 CFM
Number of Phases 1
Number of Poles 1
Outside Air Damper Description Choose outside air damper
Outside Air Damper Option 0
Pipe Description 1 Steam pipe connection left
Pipe Description 2 Steam pipe connection right
Power Factor 1
Supply Air Connection Description Supply air connection
Supply Air Location Description Choose supply air location
Supply Air Location Option 0
Total Coil Row Count 4
Valves Choose valves
Valves Option 0
Voltage 230 V
Warning Box Material Warning
Width 3’ - 3”
Title AHU2000w

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    VUV (up to 2,000 cfm)



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