Classroom Units/Vertical Unit Ventilators

VUV Series: Classroom Ventilators with or without Energy Recovery

Venmar CES Vertical Unit Ventilators are specifically designed for school and education markets, providing individual classroom control (or zones), offering quiet operation and superior ability to control temperature and humidity requirements while complying with the latest ASHRAE Standards 62.1 and 90.1.

Vertical Unit Ventilators were initially designed as a replacement for traditional unit ventilators but offer the ability to introduce fresh air from the outdoors in an acoustically-sensitive, aesthetically pleasing package. Other retrofit opportunities include older buildings where complex and complicated ductwork is not economically feasible or architecturally desired.

When considered for new construction, Vertical Unit Ventilator classroom units are ideal for portable classrooms and provide a quick and easy way for school districts to manage their high performance HVAC systems along with enrollment.

Unit Model CFM Location 
ERV1100w 800–1,200 Indoor
ERV2000w 1,200–2,000 Indoor
HRV450w 300–800 Indoor
HRV1000w 400–1,400 Indoor
AHU2000w 1,200–2,000 Indoor