Privacy Policy

For each guest, visitor and/or member to our website, our web server automatically collects only statistics on domain name, regions, platforms, browsers and information that is obtained by member registration. Other statistics obtained are done so only by volunteered guests/visitors/members. At no time do we ever collect or obtain individual personal information outside of these stated fields. The statistics we collect are used for internal review only and are intended to improve our services to you. All statistics are kept in-house and at no point are the statistics/information given out to third parties for profit or non-profit purposes.

Members of the Venmar CES website at no point may violate the privacy of fellow visitors, guests or members in any means possible. Spam and other forms of privacy violations are not tolerated and will be dealt with accordingly.

Venmar CES reserves the right to change the Privacy Policy without prior notice to our guests, visitors or members to that website. You can freely review the current Privacy Policy at any time and as such, you are responsible to read and understand the Privacy Policy.