Capacity from WiSE Coil Operation GraphThe word WiSE is an acronym for waterside economizer. The waterside economizer is an energy saving system which uses a cooling tower, condenser, water piping, control valves and a water coil to provide cooling without compressor operation. The system utilizes a cooling tower's ability at lower ambient wet bulb temperatures to provide condenser water cold enough to cool the building air directly through a water coil.

The condenser water can be used for cooling any time the water temperature from the cooling tower is less than the air temperature to the unit DX coil. For units that run 24/7, 365 days a year, the energy savings can be significant. For example, when the outside ambient is 30ºF, a WiSE coil can essentially provide the entire load for the system with no mechanical cooling required.

The ability to package technology such as a WiSE coil in the configuration that optimizes its performance benefits within each custom packaged Dedicated Outdoor Air Solution we provide is a hallmark of Venmar CES. In addition to performance benefits, our customers benefit from lower installed costs and operating cost savings over the useful life of their HVAC system.

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