Nortek Air Solutions seeks, and has attracted, many talented individuals from across the HVAC industry—people with drive, initiative, interest and sincere engagement. Employees in all of our departments actively contribute to the development of new products, continuously refine and improve our current product offering and significantly increase the value and impact that our products have on our customers and the industry.

Nortek Air Solutions supports these initiatives by contributing to the activities of several trade associations (ASHRAE, AHRI and USGBC) and encouraging our employees’ active participation in these organizations. In addition, Nortek Air Solutions allocates a significant portion of its annual operating budget towards Research and Development to turn these ideas into reality.

Some of these realities include an improved cabinet design, the implementation of FANWALL TECHNOLOGY® in dedicated outdoor air energy recovery systems, Venmar CES controls refinement, optimized waterside and airside economizers and extremely energy efficient geothermal and packaged refrigeration systems.

Continuing development is always ongoing and you can expect some evolutionary and revolutionary concepts and designs in both refrigeration and commercial exhaust air energy recovery technologies in the very near future.

For more information on the innovations available in our energy recovery products, contact your local Venmar CES Representative.