Compressors & Refrigeration

Compressor SectionFor single source responsibility, many people prefer the convenience of using an integrated refrigeration system depending on the application. Venmar CES offers a variety of high performance options in both air cooled and water cooled varieties.

Air cooled systems always include a direct expansion evaporator coil in the supply airstream, coupled with an integrated air cooled microchannel condenser and compressor section. The use of a microchannel heat exchanger improves performance, reduces the amount of refrigerant required and decreases the total weight of the system. The compressors are scroll type and the fans are quiet, vertical discharge, direct drive fans with steel blades. The air cooled system, depending on the capacity required, is available in single or multiple circuit configurations with the option to include Variable Refrigerant Control (VRC)® for reliable control and part-load performance from 10% to 100% modulation, and eliminates the need for hot gas bypass. Precision temperature and humidity control along with significant energy savings are the obvious benefits. Optional on/off or modulating hot gas re-heat is also available.

Water source heat pump (WSHP) systems are suitable for both geothermal ground/vertical loop or boiler tower applications. WSHP systems come equipped with a direct expansion evaporator coil in the supply airstream coupled with coaxial, cupro-nickel, corrosion resistant, tube-in-tube heat exchangers in single or dual circuits—depending on capacity requirements and Variable Refrigerant Control on the lead compressor. For enhanced energy savings, a factory mounted, multi-row waterside economizer coil is also available to be piped in series with the condensers to provide free cooling and heating. Venmar CES also offers a number of integrated waterside pre-piped valve and control options to reduce installation time, start-up and single source responsibility for trouble-free operation.

EnergyPack® Reverse Cycle Integrated (RCI) Coil Air Source Heat Pump

RCI ASHP Geographic ApplicationsThe latest innovation from Venmar CES is ideal for those situations where a high performance, high efficiency Dedicated Outdoor Air Solution is desired, but there is no budget or requirement for expensive towers, wells or ground loops. In addition, the RCI air source heat pump (ASHP) is capable of operating extremely efficiently at low ambient temperatures while eliminating the need for gas, oil or water piping connections to the equipment. The RCI ASHP is capable of heating the outdoor air from 0°F to 72°F without ANY auxiliary mechanical heating required!

Key features of the EnergyPack Reverse Cycle Integrated Coil ASHP include:

  • An extremely efficient direct expansion 100% fresh air, Dedicated Outdoor Air Solution
  • Capability to operate compressors down to any ambient temperature
  • Only requires auxiliary heat to be sized for the supplemental heating capacity
  • Offers very high COPs in every climate zone

The RCI ASHP package from Venmar CES is truly revolutionary and is available with integrated controls, hot gas reheat and Variable Refrigerant Control (VRC) to help optimize performance under summer, winter and part load design conditions. The ASHP package is alternately available with head pressure control electric pre-heat.

For more information about this revolutionary technology, please contact your local Venmar CES Representative.

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