No-through-metal Cabinet Construction

Integrated Thermal Break Framing Cabinet ConstructionOur high end light commercial products and custom Dedicated Outdoor Air Solutions® feature an Integrated Thermal Break Framing™ (ITF) system which is comprised of G-90 galvanized steel corners, posts and panels to provide a stable and rigid construction that has extremely low leakage rates at high static pressures. The strength and rigidity of the frame allows any panel to be removed for easy access without compromising the structural integrity of the unit, while the use of common materials prevents any possibility of galvanic corrosion. Exterior panels are affixed with corrosion resistant fasteners and there are no exposed screws inside the unit, providing a smooth wipe down, IAQ-friendly interior finish.

The unit casing construction is a no-through-metal design such that there is no path of continuous metal-to-metal conduction from the interior to the exterior of the unit either through the roof, walls or base (which is engineered for maximum rigidity during lifting and handling).

Each panel is thermally broken construction with no exposed insulation to maximize IAQ and minimize the air leakage and heat transfer that can occur between airstreams and to the atmosphere. This helps to optimize performance and eliminates the possibility of condensation occurring on interior or exterior panel surfaces (except under the most extreme conditions).

Similarly, all access doors are double wall, thermally broken, insulated and the exact same thickness as the cabinet. The design of the handles and hinges eliminate potential paths for heat transfer and features an advanced double seal gasket that is comprised of adhesive compressed foam on the outer door panel and an automotive style neoprene bulb gasket on the interior door frame. In addition, all access panels feature an ETL, UL 1995 and OSHA approved tool operated safety latch.

In the case of the VHC-72, the wall is 2-inches thick as standard while the EnergyPack® features a more robust 3-inch outer wall.

Impermium Floor MembraneFloor Membrane

In addition, the EnergyPack includes as standard an innovative floor membrane. The membrane complies with the requirements for the Standard for Heating and Cooling Equipment, ANSI/UL 1995. It is corrosion and chemical resistant and suitable for temperatures up to 300ºF with no VOCs or solvents.

We use a coating that is sprayed over the entire floor to create an extremely robust and flexible air and water-tight seal. The coating dries in seconds (cures in minutes) and creates a non-slip, walk on surface that is superior to raw steel or other more costly stainless steel or aluminum checker plate alternatives.

Washdown Construction

When this coating is combined with a recessed floor, drains in every section and a smooth, screwless interior finish, the EnergyPack becomes the ideal solution for nearly any washdown/wipe down application for most food processing or healthcare applications. Additionally, the entire interior of the unit can be treated with an extremely cost-effective, phenolic finish that opens entirely new possibilities for waste water treatment plants, pools and natatoriums or other corrosion-sensitive applications.

Download our ITF Cabinet Construction Engineering Bulletin for more information.

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