Rotary Wheels

Energy Recovery WheelAll air-to-air energy recovery wheels provided by Venmar CES are AHRI Certified to Standard 1060, and subsequently bear the seal for participation in the AHRI Air-to-Air Energy Recovery Ventilation Equipment Program based on AHRI Standard 1060.

Ideal flute geometry, diameter and depth, along with a bespoke desiccant coating, maximizes the heat and moisture transfer effectiveness while minimizing pressure drop.  It also provides the absolute best recovery efficiency ratio available on the market today. The RER is the ratio of energy expended (including parasitic losses through the wheel) versus the total amount of energy recovered.

The ability to select from numerous different wheel diameters and depths allows for a great deal of flexibility to meet almost any performance or price targets. Maximum corrosion resistance is provided as default by the media substrate that has been engineered and structurally reinforced to control thermal expansion and contraction, and maintain face flatness and run out to extremely tight tolerances.

Venmar CES rotary wheels can be the total energy type (recovering both sensible and latent energy) or sensible only depending on your application's requirements, and can provide the following benefits:

  • High total effectiveness
  • Low pressure drop
  • Compact at large volumetric flow rates
  • Self-cleaning effect from counter-flow airstreams
  • Ideal technology for non-critical applications
  • Certified to AHRI Standard 1060

Applicable Products

Rotary wheels can be found in the following Venmar CES products: