Instructor Led Presentations

All of our Representatives are well versed and trained on our products and technologies. If you are interested you may invite one of our agents to come to your company to meet so that you may review our product offering and other topics of interest relating to air-to-air energy recovery technology. This can be conducted one-on-one if you have a particular project or problem in mind (where you feel that Venmar CES may offer a solution) or our Representatives can provide a presentation in a Lunch and Learn type format where you can more easily include more of your staff that you feel would benefit from learning more about ventilation, energy recovery and a variety of Dedicated Outdoor Air Solutions®.

Rest assured that we have a structured Professional Development Program that we have developed for our Representatives, so many of them have been trained directly by factory personnel and we provide a host of training materials and slides to ensure that you have a high quality experience.

Lunch and Learn Training Packages

We can also provide factory staff to come directly to your office with our Representatives to discuss our products (and potential solutions) or provide one of our PDH/PIE accredited presentations which have a little less of a commercial spin.

The two presentations that are eligible for continuing education credits are:

Dedicated Outdoor Air System ConfigurationsDedicated Outdoor Air System Configurations

Learning Objectives: To understand the key performance metrics that can be used to evaluate Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems with air-to-air energy recovery, be able to identify different system configurations that can employ air-to-air energy recovery technologies and examine the performance of some practical examples using both single and dual exchanger configurations.

Outdoor Air Correction FactorOutdoor Air Correction Factor

Learning Objectives: To understand the concept of the Outdoor Air Correction Factor (OACF), review the most common commercially available air-to-air energy recovery technologies, the impact of OACF on heat exchanger and the effect that system design has on OACF performance, and finally, examine the economic impact and efficiency of systems with large OACF values.

Private Workshops

Lengthier private workshops may also be accommodated on a topic that is of particular interest to you and your company. Contact a local Representative to schedule one of these customized events on topics relating to exhaust air energy recovery and/or energy recovery ventilation.