Factory Visits
 Applied Energy Recovery Equipment Manufacturing Facility
Light Commercial Energy Recovery Equipment Manufacturing Facility 
 Venmar CES Applied Facility – St-Léonard-d’Aston, QC 
Venmar CES Light Commercial Facility – Saskatoon, SK 

A factory visit presents a tremendous opportunity to see and touch all of the technologies and equipment that we produce at Venmar CES. If you have a particular project in-house with us, you may be able to see the unit on the line and inspect or review the project to validate adherence to contract documents.  You may also witness our checkout and testing procedures and meet our highly trained engineering staff.

If you are unfamiliar with our brand, we can provide presentations on our brand and products (and pertinent technical presentations relating to energy recovery) and give you a factory tour. You will meet our staff and leave the factory with a much better understanding of who we are, what we do and the depth and breadth of the potential solutions that we can offer.

We have two facilities, both located in Canada; you will need a valid passport to cross the border either by land or air, but it will be well worth the trip.

Our Applied Factory (where all of our custom equipment is made) is located in St.-Leonard-d’Aston, QC about mid-way between Quebec City and Montreal.

Our Head Office, where we manufacture all of our Light Commercial and Unitary Equipment, is located in Saskatoon, SK which is a few hours due North of Montana; most commonly our American visitors typically take a direct flight from St. Paul International Airport in Minneapolis, MN.

We look forward to hosting you, please speak to your local representative to schedule a visit.

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Venmar CES Factory Visit