Education is a core value for Venmar CES. We actively participate in all of the leading trade organizations in the HVAC industry. We contribute to research and development by these organizations to help develop a better understanding of air-to-air energy recovery ventilation and support the development of standards and guidelines and other educational tools to help educate the industry in a non-partisan manner.

Air-Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute

Venmar CES is a member of the Air-Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI).  We are also one of the founding members of the Air-to-Air Energy Recovery Product Section; we helped to develop (with several other ERV manufacturers) AHRI Standard 1060: Performance Rating of Air-to-Air Exchangers for Energy Recovery Ventilation so that our customers could more easily evaluate different technologies for their applications while having the security in knowing that all of the performance data that they received was validated by a true third party certification program.

We also contributed to producing AHRI Guideline V: Calculating the Efficiency of Energy Recovery Ventilation and its Effect on Efficiency and Sizing of Building HVAC Systems and AHRI Guideline W: Selecting, Sizing and Specifying Packaged Air-to-Air Energy Recovery Ventilation Equipment, to promote a better understanding and implementation of air-to-air energy recovery ventilation within the industry. All of these standards and guidelines are immediately available and free to download.


ASHRAE is another organization that Venmar CES has participated in for many years. We are active in Standards (ASHRAE Standard 84: Method of Testing Air-to-Air Heat/Energy Exchangers, which is the foundation for the AHRI certification program), in TC 8.12 Desiccant Dehumidification Equipment & Components, and extremely active in TC 5.5 Air-to-Air Energy Recovery—contributing to Research, Handbook and Program sub-committees.

If you are interested in participating in the discussion, any individual is free to join any of the technical committees and participate in person at regular ASHRAE meetings or equally as a corresponding member.

ASHRAE, through the Distinguished Lecturer Program and through the ASHRAE Learning Institute, has also cultivated a number of outstanding speakers that are experts in their field on a variety of topics that relate to Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems and exhaust air energy recovery. We would recommend visiting ASHRAE's website and scheduling a visit from a Distinguished Lecturer for your local chapter meeting and/or attending one of the ALI Short Courses focused on energy recovery.  You can attend either in person or online, or by scheduling one of the speakers to visit your company for a hands-on workshop.

Outside of our support in these areas we have a number of tools that we can directly provide our customers to help them better understand energy recovery and how it may benefit them with our live instructor led presentations (which can be commercial or non-commercial and available for PDH/PIE credits). Factory visits also present a tremendous opportunity to see and touch the technologies and learn more about the systems and how they are designed and fabricated on the manufacturing floor.

To learn more about the educational opportunities available, contact your local Venmar CES Representative.