Office Buildings

Whether an office building is owner-occupied or leased, the ultimate objective is to create a healthy indoor environment where occupants can be comfortable and productive, while containing costs and meeting increasingly stringent demands for efficiency. ASHRAE’s Advanced Energy Design Guides for Office Buildings offer practical and realistic strategies for improving the indoor environment with off-the-shelf technologies.

Download Advanced Energy Design Guides (AEDG)

Venmar CES offers the following solutions recommended by the Advanced Energy Design Guides for achieving energy savings while improving the indoor environment for building occupants:

For more information on the energy recovery solutions available for your office building application, review our Case Study below or contact your local Representative.

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Ground Source Heat Pump

  • 38,400 ft2 office building and training facility.
  • Owner concerned with energy costs and indoor air quality.
  • Solution: 8,000 cfm, 30-ton Venmar CES integrated ground source heat pump energy recovery ventilator with AHRI Certified™ total energy wheel air-to-air heat exchanger and three 5-ton ground source heat pumps supplying ceiling mounted radiant ground source heat pumps.
  • Read our Case Study.