K–12 & Higher Learning

Common design considerations in schools include operating and energy savings, creating a comfortable, productive learning environment, low maintenance and easy service, and application flexibility and performance. These requirements are captured within ASHRAE’s Advanced Energy Design Guides for K–12 Schools, which are a great resource for designers as they provide practical and realistic strategies for improving the learning environment with off-the-shelf technologies.

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Venmar CES offers the following solutions recommended by the Advanced Energy Design Guides for achieving energy savings while improving the indoor environment for students and teachers:

For more information on the energy recovery solutions available for your education project, review our Case Studies below or contact your local Representative.

Battle Creek Central High School – Battle Creek, MI

EnergyPack® Air Handlers with Ground Source Heat Pumps and Enthalpy Wheels/Plate Heat Exchangers

    Venmar CES Dedicated Outdoor Air System with Energy Recovery
  • A 250,000 sq. ft. high school renovation with a 160,800 sq. ft. expansion.
  • Involved 14 Venmar CES EnergyPack air handlers with integrated ground source heat pumps—some with enthalpy wheels and some with plate heat exchangers.
  • Air handler sizes ranged from 3,800 to 42,500 cfm. Largest AHU provided dehumidification in pool area and incorporated an aluminum air-to-air plate heat exchanger with AHRI Certified™ performance.
  • Heat pumps utilize ground water as the heat sink and provide the school with simultaneous heating and cooling throughout the year.
  • Read our Case Study.

John E. Jaqua Academic Center – Eugene, OR

EnergyPack Rooftop Air Handlers with Water Source Heat Pumps and Energy Recovery

    Venmar CES Rooftop Air Handler
  • A 40,000 sq. ft. learning center for student athletes located at the University of Oregon in Eugene, Oregon occupied in 2010.
  • Unique building design incorporates a curtain wall of glass, with a 5-foot space between it and the actual building wall, which is also largely glass.
  • Neutral ventilation air is supplied to the space by Venmar CES rooftop EnergyPack dedicated outdoor air units with integrated water source heat pumps (WSHP).
  • Unit sizes: 5,500 cfm, 5,200 cfm and 2,835 cfm, with integrated WSHP sizes 4 to 8.5 tons.
  • Excess building relief air and bathroom exhaust air are ducted through an AHRI Certified plate heat exchanger inside the unit.
  • Read our Case Study.

South Dakota State University Dykhouse Student Athlete Center – Brookings, SD

Indoor EnergyPack Units with Enthalpy Wheels/Sensible Plate Heat Exchangers

    Venmar CES EnergyPack Installation - SDSU Dykhouse Student Athlete Center
  • New construction project consisting of a 30,000 sq. ft. building housing the SDSU football team, with athletic training facilities and a locker room, as well as an academic center for student athletes, coaches’ offices, meeting rooms and a dedicated area to showcase the athletic program to recruits and donors.
  • Involved 3 Venmar CES EnergyPack air handlers including integrated water source heat pump, with hot gas re-heat—one with an enthalpy wheel and two with sensible plate heat exchangers.
  • Unique FANWALL® damperless VAV mutl-zone on one unit, with one FANWALL cube per zone.
  • Building achieved LEED Gold Certification.

University City High School – St. Louis, MO

Venmar CES EnergyPack Outdoor Installation - University City High SchoolEnergyPack Units with Dual Enthalpy Wheel

  • High school renovation project.
  • Outdoor 6,800 cfm neutral air units with modulated gas heat.
  • Uses dual wheel technology to reduce tonnage from approximately 30 tons to 20 tons.