Designing energy efficient spaces for healthcare applications presents an enormous challenge, with a variety of different spaces and needs, and very strict regulatory requirements. The ASHRAE Advanced Energy Design Guides for Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities provide practical and realistic strategies to improve the indoor environment for patients and staff.

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Venmar CES offers the following solutions recommended by the Advanced Energy Design Guides for achieving energy savings while improving the indoor environment for patients, visitors and healthcare providers:

For more information on the energy recovery solutions available for your healthcare project, review our Case Study below or contact your local Representative.

PowerBack Rehabilitation – Voorhees, NJ

PowerBack RehabilitationERV2000 Units with Enthalpy Wheels

  • Fourteen ERV2000 units (combination of indoor and outdoor), ranging from 1,200 to 2,000 cfm used for make-up air to main system geothermal pumps.
  • Units equipped with VFDs and controlled by BMS system CO2 sensors between minimum and maximum requirements.